"The true painter strives to paint what can only be seen through his world." ~André Malraux

After a year of intermittant "painter's block"  I am working again in my studio, and feeling in a tentative positive state. Painting is a solitary activity, and as artists, we are often working in a vacuum. Unless we have a show hanging, reaction to the work is minimal. With several pieces underway, I decided that perhaps if I write about what I am doing or am attempting to do, it might act somewhat as a muse for me as well as give me some feedback on the work I am creating -- hence the establishment of this blog. 

As for the blog title, traditional, representational painting is a language for expressing what’s visible. But I feel my work is the most successful, and most interesting, when focused on things not entirely visible. I paint what I see but also what I sense and feel by utilizing my interior and unseen world --- in other words, the invisible world. Plein air work or  studio work from photographs are only touchstones or landmarks which guide me to other inner spaces. By so doing, I find that I am pushing the boundaries between representational and abstract work.

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Apr 20, 2011


I waved goodbye to my daughter and 5 year old grandson today. They came up for a few days to ease me into my 7th decade, a very hard job, but they sweetened the ordeal. One of the things we did was visit nearby Hogwash Farm, where John and I get our meat in a kind of CSA plan. As I expected, the Tamworths are having babies, and there were at least three litters of tiny piglings to watch. They were delightful, and it bothered me not just a little to know that some of those babies may end up as bacon on my table next year. But I do know that their lives will be good, and the end humane: does that help? Just a little. In any case, they are darling, and the three of us enjoyed visiting with them, and scratching the bristly heads of the mama sows. I took photos of some of them some years back (see above) before to doing a series of paintings of them, and I need to take my camera back there soon so I can paint some more. Two of these small paintings (5" x 5") were actually given to Nancy who runs the farm, in exchange for meat. I love bartering!

Tamworth I  oil on paper on canvas
Tamworth II oil on paper on canvas

Pig in Water  oil on paper on canvas
When I get back from Arizona (we are going for a week, also to help ease me into my 7th decade!) I will get busy in the studio with more forsythia and more pigs. Plus I am sure I shall bring back with me much inspiration from Sedona, and many sketches and photos to take to the studio. In the meantime, here's to the next decade. (Photo is me at my birthday dinner at Simon Pearce with a lovely Kir Royale.)

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  1. Happy birthday! Love the pig photos and the pig paintings...same color as the rocks of Sedona. Have a good time and thanks for your comment on my blog. Spheris was closed....:(