"The true painter strives to paint what can only be seen through his world." ~André Malraux

After a year of intermittant "painter's block"  I am working again in my studio, and feeling in a tentative positive state. Painting is a solitary activity, and as artists, we are often working in a vacuum. Unless we have a show hanging, reaction to the work is minimal. With several pieces underway, I decided that perhaps if I write about what I am doing or am attempting to do, it might act somewhat as a muse for me as well as give me some feedback on the work I am creating -- hence the establishment of this blog. 

As for the blog title, traditional, representational painting is a language for expressing what’s visible. But I feel my work is the most successful, and most interesting, when focused on things not entirely visible. I paint what I see but also what I sense and feel by utilizing my interior and unseen world --- in other words, the invisible world. Plein air work or  studio work from photographs are only touchstones or landmarks which guide me to other inner spaces. By so doing, I find that I am pushing the boundaries between representational and abstract work.

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Mar 17, 2013

Getting To The There

My living room/dining room space is filled with 21 paintings standing up against the furniture and on tables, finally finished (last brush strokes this afternoon), coated with temporary varnish, nicely framed (except for some with gallery wrapped, painted edges and those done on cradled clayboard which can be frameless) and ready to go! We will take them to DHMC either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on the weather. I  think this show is going to hang together very well, pardon the pun. The opening reception is 10 days away on March 28. I hope it is well received.

As I mentioned previously, the title, "Yellow to Blue: From Here to There" references a number of things ... the yellow is the "here" -- 8 forsythia paintings, and the and the 12 blue pieces, are of the sea, and of the "there" -- Nantucket, MA and Barnegat Light, NJ. 

But it is more than that. From here to there also speaks of the constant journey artists have as they evolve from one style, or one place in their vision,to another. You cannot stagnate in one style, one place. I love the pure exploration of materials, the excitement of new discovery: process is everything. Both in the field and the studio, some of my work may be nonrepresentational then the next might be far more representational. This is in evidence in my show, and is because in the past few years I have been evolving. I don't believe one genre is better than another, but focus on whether the end result is solid and well executed, and elicits genuine emotion and connection with the viewer. 

I am finding that that the study of landscape and seascape allows me to edge from reality into abstraction, without losing a sense of time and place. However, I am definitely moving in my mind to a less representational style of painting, and when my hand catches up to my vision, I will have gotten to the THERE... and the show at DHMC shows part of the journey. It is good to be still journeying, evolving, growing, at almost 72!

You Are All Invited
To an Art Opening
“Yellow to Blue: From Here to There”
New Work by
Deborah Frankel Reese
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Rubin Glass Hallway
One Medical Center Drive, Main Entrance
Lebanon, NH
March 19-May 30

Opening Reception Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chilcott Lounge, Level 4
4:30 art discussion and refreshments
5:15 tour of the work of four artists

Bright Reveille 20x 20 oil on canvas

Any of you who are local, I would love to see you there on the 28th. Otherwise take a look next time you are at DHMC.

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